Cataclysm PvP is back! 

If you're looking for a challenge and are ready to fight, Sirius WoW is the perfect home for you.  Here, we believe in pushing yourself to the limit and battling it out with other players to see who comes out on top.

We're a PvP-focused server that uses artificial intelegence (AI) to populate WoW Zones and battlefields, with lots of exciting features, including:

  • Starter Gear: Free S9 Elite and Tier 11 gear with free gems and enchants;
  • Glyphs and Training: We provide free glyphs and training to all players;
  • Mounts: Basic mounts are free, while more advanced ones can be purchased with honor or conquest points, vote points, or donation points;
  • Honor and Conquest Rates: Our honor and conquest rates are set to 1x;
  • Raids and Dungeons: All Dungeons and Raids are closed except Baradin Hold;
  • Professions: Free instant 525 professions, along with free materials;
  • Malls, Dueling Zones, World PvP: Faction malls and dueling zones; World PvP is done in Gurubashi Arena;
  • Customization: Custom Transmogrification system with more than 6000 items to choose from;
  • Custom Currency and Title System: We've introduced a custom currency that you can use to purchase Legendary Items and Heroic T13 Trinkets & Weapons, along with a custom system that's used for titles. 
With our AI System, you'll be able to queue into Random BGs or Arenas at anytime of the day you'd like to play since we have AI Bots that act as players. You can invite them to your group and make Battlegrounds or Arenas with them.

Join Sirius WoW Community and start your adventure today.